Chris Miles


At a young age, Chris Miles decided to follow his love for music and go into sound recording, completely (or so he thought) disregarding the degree in economics he had just received from the University of Guelph. Shortly after, he began editing and producing trailers and corporate videos for Alliance Films. It was here that Chris saw an opportunity to create Vagabond Studios, Canada's first mobile ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) studio. This allowed actors to record their ADR on set, eliminating the need to book time out of their shooting schedule to travel to a fixed studio. Vagabond has worked on such projects as Relic Hunter, Wild Card, Monk, Little Men, Witchblade, Mutant X, and even Baywatch. During this time, Chris was instumental in setting up the technical side of Gun For Hire Casting Studios. He continually developed his knowledge and contact base in the industry, which allowed him to create his own casting facility. 

   Milestone Casting Studios has been a leader in the Canadian casting industry since 2002 and continues it's legacy at it's new location on Eastern Ave. since 2015.